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Bursting At The Seams mug

From Bernard Spilsbury (who was at the Chiswick 30th anniversary and provided footage for The Complete Strawbs DVD)

Grave New World "speckly" mug

This was a present from my good chum Mike, who had it made for me.

Grave New World "cover" mug

These turn up on Ebay from time to time: search for Strawbs mug. They seem to have 4 left at the time of writing (9 Dec 2015).

A Taste Of Strawbs mug

This is a unique sample, created by RockPots - I bought the only one when it was advertised on Ebay.

Fire 2007 mug

Dave Lambert had these made up for the 2007 Fire reunion concerts where The Magic Shoemaker was performed in full.

Strawberrry Fools mug

These were created by me for our 2010 gigs - very few were made, one for each Fool and a few for various friends of the band. Would be priceless (or do I mean worthless?) if one ever came up on Ebay.

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