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Posters were the wall-covering of choice for the adolescent music/pop fan. I'd forgotten just how many I had stashed away in the old trunk I used to get all my stuff down to university (I was a pack rat even then). In those days if you wrote off to the record company you'd like as not get a bundle of bits and pieces by return; and local record shops (Turners and Les Browns in Stockton on Tees, Hamiltons and Alan Fearnley's in Middlesbrough) would let you have the record company promo stuff after a while if you asked nicely. Some real gems I'd forgotten and a few more I've added in recent years courtesy of eBay (when Alison lets me get a look-in ....), as well as some that Ali's beaten me to ....

1965 to 1972

Some nice visuals in the early days when A&M were trying quite hard to get them established

1973 to 1980

Good design and some great live posters

1993 to mid 2001

From the Silver Jubilee tour in 1993 to 2001

mid 2001 to 2008

Acoustic Strawbs get going, the Hero and Heroine line-up reforms from 2004-2008, with Cousins & Conrad and the Blue Angel Orchestra to boot


A Canadian tour, the stellar 40th anniversary weekend and plenty of other posters up to 2012

2014 on

Posters up to the present day

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