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A&M, 1974

Hero And Heroine
  • UK Releases
  • non-UK Releases
  • Some European releases (Germany and Spain) had a different B-side: "Round And Round". Portugal, Yugoslavia , Australia and NZ followed the UK choice of B-side with "Why". And Thailand of course put the track out as an EP with three others from non-related artists.

    b/w "Why"

  • Portugal
  • Yugoslavia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • b/w "Round And Round"

  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Thai EP

  • Thailand
  • A return to epic style with the title track of the new album; probably a stronger single than "Shine On Silver Sun", but it was never going to get very far with the BBC, owing to the obvious drug references.

    UK Release

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"
    (AMS 7105, A&M, 1974)

    The B-side "Why" is the first segment of the three-part mini-epic "Why And Wherefore" and, unlike "And Wherefore" as released on the B-side of "Shine On Silver Sun", is identical to that version.

    Fairly likely that there was a promo version of this, but I haven't seen one.

    Non-UK Releases

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"


    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"
    (8E 006 96075, A&M, 1974)

    Over in Portugal, non-album track "Why" was the B-side and the sleeve uses the dove image from the album.


    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"
    (SAM 88766) A&M, 1974)

    The Yugoslavians liked the dove so much they stuck it on the back cover too.

    Australia (AB)

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"
    (K 5549, A&M, 1974)

    This Australian release is possibly a promo and has a date stamp of 2 Jul 1974. Scans from Alison Brown collection.

    New Zealand

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Why"
    (K 5549, A&M, 1974)

    No picture sleeve for the New Zealand release.

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Round And Round"


    "Hero And Heroine"/"Round And Round"
    (13275 A, A&M, 1974)

    Rather than non-album track "Why", the Spanish release lifted "Round And Round" from the album. The edit begins on the first drum/bass beat of the instrumental section of the song.

    German release (*slv)

    "Hero And Heroine"/"Round And Round"
    (13275 AT, A&M, 1974)

    Very similar to the cover of the Spanish release, with an advert for the Hero And Heroine album on the rear of the sleeve.

    Thailand EP

    "Hero And Heroine" plus 3 other tracks
    (Cashbox KS-254, Not dated)

    Another Thai EP, this time featuring Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Bad Company and ZZ Top as well as the Strawbs. "Heroine" is mis-spelled on both the sleeve and the label.

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