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Arista, US only 1978

I Don't Want To Talk About It
  • UK release ??
  • US promo release
  • US full release

  • UK Release ??

    "I Don't Want To Talk About It"/"The Last Resort"
    (ARIST 183 ???, Arista, 1978)

    I've not seen this and I'm not certain whether it really does exist: please email Dick Greener if you have info and/or a copy. The single is listed in M.C. Strong's excellent "Great Rock Discography" but not in any of the Music Master directories (which is not conclusive as they fail even to list the album Deadlines). The discography in the Record Collector article on Strawbs lists it as ARIST 183, (which Music Master thinks to be a single by Raydio).

    Non-UK Releases

    US promo release

    A different choice of B-side for US Arista execs. There seem to have been two printings of the promo stereo/mono version. Both appear in light blue Arista US company sleeves. Only difference is different wording on the label.

    "I Don't Want To Talk About It [stereo]"/"I Don't Want To Talk About It [mono]"
    (AS 0327, Arista promo, 1978)

    There seem to have been two variants of the promo release.

    US full release

    "I Don't Want To Talk About It"/"Words Of Wisdom"
    (AS 0327, Arista, 1978)

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