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Various, 1977 (Not UK)

IGTB: Heartbreaker
  • UK?
  • US promo release
  • US release
  • Dutch release
  • Australia promo release

  • Not the same as Dave Lambert's "Heartbreaker", but a song of the same name penned for his space opera concept album by Wil Malone, and recorded by a galaxy of stars under the name of the Intergalactic Touring Band. Dave Cousins appears on this track only, taking the lead vocal, and the song is pretty good.

    UK Release?

    The album came out on the Charisma label in the UK, and different singles seem to have been picked:
    "Love Station"/"Space Commando" (CB 306, 1977)
    "Starship Jingle"/"Reaching Out" (CB 307, 1977)

    Never seen a UK version of "Heartbreaker" - anyone have one?

    Non-UK Releases

    US promo release

    "Heartbreaker [stereo]"/"Heartbreaker [mono]" (PS7911, Passport Records (US), 1977)

    A radio play stereo/mono release, from the US.

    US release

    "Heartbreaker"/ "Interlude From Intergalactic"/"Robot Salesman" (PS7911, Passport Records (US), 1977)

    The full release has non-Cousins-related tracks from the album on the B-side.

    There was a later release on Passport from "The Vibra Corporation" which was linked to this: "Snow White Rock Christmas"/"Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday". Nothing to do with Cousins though.

    Dutch release

    "Heartbreaker"/"Interlude From Intergalactic"/"Robot Salesman"
    (5N-006 60675, Passport Holland, 1977)

    Bright blue picture sleeve for this Dutch release, with the back featuring an ad for the album. The B-side features the same non-Cousins tracks as the US and Australian releases.

    Australian release

    "Heartbreaker"/"Interlude From Intergalactic"/"Robot Salesman"
    (HAR 11676, Harvest/Passport Australia, 1978)

    A full release, from Australia, released in 1978. Same non-Cousins tracks as the US/Dutch releases. Was there a full release for this single?

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