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Oyster, 1976 (US only)

So Close And Yet So Far Away
  • US promo release
  • US release
  • Thai release

  • Different choices by US Oyster execs saw this lush ballad released as a single in the US, backed with the lively "The Soldier's Tale" (the latter was briefly revived - to some surprise - in the Acoustic Strawbs live act, the former now back in the Electric band repertoire).

    Non-UK Releases

    US promo release

    "So Close And Yet So Far Away [stereo]"/"So Close And Yet So Far Away [mono]"
    (OY 704, Oyster promo, 1976)

    A date stamped (on the company sleeve the promo came to me in) gives the release date of 16 Aug 1976. The blurb scan is from Alison Brown

    US release

    "So Close And Yet So Far Away"/"The Soldier's Tale"
    (OY 704, Oyster, 1976)

    Originally thought to be promo only, a release copy of this has turned up.

    Thai release

    "So Close And Yet So Far Away plus 3 other tracks (TKR 446, 1976?)

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