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Sent: Mon 28 Nov 2005

Extract from The London Times, 28 November, 1895

"Saturday 26 November 1895 saw an all too brief performance from those strolling players the Acoustick Strawbs, in Full Fancy Dress, performing sundry of the classicks at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, Middlesex. Notable members of the Audience had also attended in Fancy Dress and have been captured in magic lantern slides elsewhere in this edition. An American VIsitor, Ms Laura Wiggers, was present and declared herself most amused.

Mr. David Lambert's kilt had but to be seen to be admired, displaying a Full Calf and Impressive Suspenders. We are told (but cannot verify) that he had dressed Scottish for the occasion - perhaps the Yoong Lady seated at the front of the stage could confirm.

Mr. Chas Cronk affected the garb of a confederate soldier, and delivered bass and 12-string with Good Cheer and Affability.

Mr. David Cousins, alarmingly mustachioed, was attired for the Racetrack rather than the genteel Parlour, but was nevertheless in Good Voice for the proceedings, announcing the Turns with his customary flair.

Flamenco guitarist from Andalucia, Mr Juan Martin played a short concert, a Dazzling Display of flamenco fingering which had the ladies swooning. Mr. Cousins joined him on stage for a spellbinding rendering of his own ditty "The Shepherd's Song". All who heard it agreed that this perfomance should be committed to wax cylinder for posterity without delay.

And finally, Mr. Rodney Coombes, dapper as ever, drumsticks at the ready, joined Messrs Cronk and Lambert for a right royal knees-up of rock'n'roll classics.

Mr. Tony Grimmer (proprietor) is to be sincerely thanked for his Hard Work and efforts (along with diverse others who assisted him in ther Decoration of the Hall and the preparation of the Victuals)."

Dick Greener's Great Grandfather

London, UK
"You'll scarcely believe all the pleasures inside"

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