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Dick Greener
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Dick Greener

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Sent: 29 Apr 2008

Hi folks, just made it into April for a Strawbswebnews update. Apologies
for the quiet period since the last update - the day job rather took over
for a while.

Apart from news about the new Strawbs album and its special "Early Bird"
offer, it's mainly touring news and re-release news this month.

Offline for the next week or so, so won't be on hand to deal with queries
immediately. Catch you on the UK tour.


* The Broken Hearted Bride - Early Bird offer
* Universal - the missing three CDs
* Electric Strawbs - UK Tour, May-June 2008
* Electric Strawbs - US Tour, June 2008
* Youtube links
* John Ford - new single/Jaymes Fenda myspace
* Roy Hill CDs
* Strawbsweb features


Strawbs' new album will be called 'THE BROKEN-HEARTED BRIDE'. It is being
recorded in late April, early May 2008 by the Hero and Heroine line-up for
an expected September release date. Some of the newly recorded songs are
likely to be featured on the Electric band tours in the UK and the US.
Chris Tsangarides, who did such a wonderful production job on Secret Paths
is back at the controls.

New songs include: "Through Aphrodite's Eyes", "Too Many Angels",
"Christmas Cheer", "Everybody Knows". Should be complete in May when I
hope to get a sneak preview.

As with the Boxed Set "A Taste Of Strawbs", we are offering incentives to
those who will buy their copy in advance, which will help the Strawbs and
Witchwood Media to cover the upfront cost of recording the album.

The first 1000 customers (using Witchwood Records Online shop ONLY) to buy
the album will get their name included on the packaging of the album (as
with the Boxed Set). They will also get a new live CD - Dave Cousins -
First Solo Tour, recorded during the US/Canada tour in March. Whilst this
CD is being produced specially for use in this offer, please note that
Witchwood reserves the right to sell off any stock remaining after the
offer is over.

The cost: 20 (plus postage and packing, charged as though for 1 CD only).

This limited period offer is initially available from 29 April up till 1
July, though it may be extended at Witchwood's discretion.

Visit Witchwood Records Online Shop to get this special offer - - and follow the link to the shop.


At last the three missing A&M Strawbs albums - Strawbs, Dragonfly and
Nomadness - are coming out on CD from Universal, with bonus tracks as set
out below. DC has had his approval copies, so release must not be far away
(no confirmed date yet)
Strawbs - bonus tracks
*That Which Once Was Mine (BBC recording, preceded by interview - Brian
Matthews meets Tony Hooper/Dave Cousins)
*Poor Jimmy Wilson (BBC recording)
*The Battle (BBC recording)
Dragonfly- bonus tracks
*We'll Meet Again Sometime (Studio version)
*Forever (Studio version)
*Another Day (BBC recording with Clare Deniz)
*We'll Meet Again Sometime (BBC recording with Clare Deniz)
Nomadness- bonus tracks
*Still Small Voice (Studio version)
*It's Good To See The Sun (a hitherto unknown song - even Dave had
forgotten it!)

Preview from Dick Greener to follow ....


Not long now until the Electric band are once again playing in the UK -
dates as follows:

Wednesday 21 May 2008 - The BoardWalk, Sheffield
Thursday 22 May 2008 - Glenfarg Hotel, Glenfarg
Friday 23 May 2008 - The Ferry, Glasgow
*Saturday 24 May 2008 - The Platform, Morecambe
Sunday 25 May 2008 - The Inn At Lathones, St Andrews
*Tuesday 27 May 2008 - The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes
Wednesday 28 May 2008 - Yside, Builth Wells
*Thursday 29 May 2008 - Robin 2 Club, Bilston
Friday 30 May 2008 - The Playhouse, Sleaford
*Saturday 31 May 2008 - Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich
Sunday 1 June 2008 - Memorial Hall, Freshwater IOW
*Wednesday 4 June 2008 - Half Moon, Putney
Thursday 5 June 2008 - The Brook, Southampton
*Saturday 7 June 2008 - The Hailsham Pavilion, Hailsham

As the boys have been in the studio recording the new album, we're hoping
for some of the new material to get an airing on tour.

I hope to be at the starred dates - do come and say hello if you're there.


Tuesday 10 June 2008 - BB Kings, Manhattan
Wednesday 11 June 2008 - Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA
Thursday 12 June 2008 - Ramshead Tavern, Annapolis, MD
Friday 13 June 2008 - The Kent Stage, Kent, OH
Saturday 14 June 2008 - The Thirsty Ear, Columbus, OH
Sunday 15 June 2008 - The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI
Tuesday 17 June 2008 - The Abbey, Chicago, IL
Wednesday 18 June 2008 - Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI
Friday 20 June 2008 - The Redhouse, Syracuse, NY
Saturday 21 June 2008 - Towne Crier, Pawling, NY


New from Phil Southby - Out In The Cold/Round And Round from NPL, 2005 -


John's new single 'Big Hit In India' is now up on his myspace site:

Meanwhile, John's first band, Jaymes Fenda and the Vulcans has a brand-new
myspace featuring John's very first hit song 'Mistletoe Love," which he
wrote and sang lead on, along with the B side 'The Only Girl'. There's a
nice story on how the band got it started. John was only 13 years old!


News just in that Roy Hill is in the process of allowing two CDs to escape
simultaneously - "Fun With Dave," and (just to double the number of CDs in
your collection with sailors in the title), "Hello Sailor".

They will be available via Ebay fairly soon, purchasable direct from his
record label, "Deepdene". More details when I have them.

Review will shortly appear on Cry No More site at


Since the last Strawbswebnews in early March, there's been plenty of
activity on Strawbsweb:

* all the reviews and pictures of the Dave Cousins solo/duo tour with Ian
Cutler in the US/Canada;

* Lindsay Sorrell travelled out to Italy to catch Acoustic Strawbs on tour

* and finally there's been quite a few fan cover tracks added to the
downloads sections, including a couple of my very own, and the section has
been revamped to give frequent contributors their own pages. We're still
very keen to get your recordings of Strawbs/Strawb-related songs and to
host them on the site. Get that kazoo out immediately !! Check out the
existing contributions on the Latest Additions link at:


London, UK
"You'll scarcely believe all the pleasures inside"