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Sent by Dick Greener 15 Oct 2010

Some sad news in for those fans who remember the Strawbs Information Service, the newsletters mailed out by Denise and her cousin Sandy in self-addressed stamped envelopes - which, before Strawbsweb was born, was the only way for fans to keep up with Strawb-related matters. They produced 59 issues of the SIS newsletter with that familiar signature "Denise and Sandy" between 1986 and 2000 - all those old SIS newsletters are up on Strawbsweb at for anyone who wants to reminisce.

From 1997 onwards, I spent quite a lot of time in their company at Strawbs gigs and on tour - always a lively and somewhat noisy affair and great fun, though I saw less of them after a while - Sandy after she moved out of London to the North, followed later on by Denise to take over a pub in Nuneaton.

Hud called me today and I'm sorry to announce that Sandy passed away on Thursday 14 October. I'm sure all those who remember her will want to pass on their sympathy to Denise, who I also spoke to earlier today. I'll collect any messages and send them on to her.