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Bad Habits cover shot

Track listing

  1. Johnny B. Rotten (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  2. Drugs In My Pocket (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  3. Love In Stereo (Hudson/Ford)
  4. Bad Habits (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  5. Spotty Face (Cassidy)
  6. Dear Jerry (Hudson/Ford)

  7. Nice Legs, Shame About The Face (Hudson/Ford)
  8. Inter-City Kitty (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  9. Out Of Work Musician (Hudson/Ford)
  10. I Ain't Gettin' Any (Hudson/Ford)
  11. No Shame (Hudson/Ford)
  12. Skylab (Theme From The Monks) (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)


Suspended Animation LP cover shot

  1. Don't Want No Reds (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  2. Suspended Animation (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  3. Don't Bother Me - I'm A Christian (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  4. James Bondage (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  5. Grown-ups (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  6. Oxford Street (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)

  7. Cool Way To Live (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  8. Go (Hudson/Ford)
  9. I Can Do Anything You Like (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  10. Plastic Max (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  11. King Dong (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  12. Space Fruit (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)

  13. * Gold And Silver (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  14. * Cybernetic Sister (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  15. * Ann Orexia (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  16. * Beasts In Cages (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  17. * Slimy Gash (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)
  18. * Lost In Romance (Hudson/Ford/Cassidy)

Suspended Animation CD cover shot

* CD only bonus tracks.

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