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Rime Of The Ancient Sampler cover VARIOUS ARTISTS: RIME OF THE ANCIENT SAMPLER (Voiceprint VP141CD, 1993)

  1. Matt Clifford: Then And Now
  2. Bill Nelson: Mellotronix
  3. Michael Pinder: Waters Beneath The Bridge
  4. Patrick Moraz: Owner's Guide
  5. Gordon Reed: Julia
  6. Sheila Maloney: Berlin Boys
  7. Blue Weaver: Mello Blue's Blues
  8. Dereek Holt: Resurrection
  9. Nick Magnus: Night Of The Condor
  10. Wooly Wolstenholme: Deceivers All
  11. Ken Freeman: Attack Of The Azimuths
  12. Martin Smith: Engulfed
  13. David Cross: Not So
  14. Chris Taylor: Bradmatic
  15. David Kean: Lift
  16. Julian Colbeck: Heartfelt
  17. David Etheridge: Mighty Tron
  18. 1964 Mellotron Demonstration Disc: El Cumbanchero

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