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Updated 20 Aug 2012

There are quite a few official videos of Strawbs and related bands on Youtube.

Sadly, there are many more that haven't been officially sanctioned. Please don't post any clips of Strawbs, or indeed of any musicians, on Youtube without first obtaining permission.

The following pages contain many of the sanctioned clips, but are almost certainly not an exhaustive list.

  • Strawbs
  • Dave Cousins
  • Cousins and Wakeman
  • Rick Wakeman
  • Fire
  • Dave Lambert
  • Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby
  • Brian Willoughby
  • Three MustGetBeers
  • Cry No More
  • Roy Hill
  • Hudson Ford
  • John Ford
  • The Monks
  • Ginny Brown Band
  • The Beaky Band
  • Turkey Leg Johnson
  • Ruthless Blues
  • Ian Cutler
  • Sandy Denny
  • Sonja Kristina
  • Vince Martin et al

  • Strawberry Fools
  • Wychwood

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