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Witchwood, 2002

  • UK Releases

  • "Alice's Song" was written by Brian Willoughby and Cathryn Craig, about Brian's then seven year old niece, Alice, who sadly suffers from autism. The song first appeared on Brian's 1998 solo CD Black And White sung by Cathryn, but was later recorded by the Acoustic Strawbs with banjo accompaniment and vocals by Dave Cousins for the Baroque & Roll album released in 2001.

    The acoustic tour in Jan/Feb 2002 saw Dave buy a new banjo and the song became one of the most popular numbers on the tour, so much so that a limited edition radio promo CD single was released to test the water, which then resulted in a full scale release on the Witchwood Records label, supported by the National Autistic Society and distributed by Universal.

    The first two tracks are from Baroque & Roll; the last track "On My Way" was recorded at the same sessions, and the rocked up treatment of this early Strawbs classic was a popular encore number for both electric and acoustic band.

    UK Releases

    UK CD release

    "Alice's Song"/"The Golden Salamander"/"On My Way"
    (WMCDS 2005, Witchwood, 2002)
    Alice's Song

    UK radio promo CD release

    "Alice's Song"/"The Golden Salamander"/"On My Way" [Advance Radio Copy]
    (WMCDS 2005, Witchwood, 2002)

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