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This unplugged offering by the three-hander line-up of Cousins, Willoughby and Lambert was launched in August 2001 at a celebratory gig at the legendary White Bear pub in Hounslow, a suitable venue for a return to the Strawbs' acoustic roots. A pretty faithful representation of the diversity and depth of the Acoustic Strawbs' live set - they don't shy away from "acousticking up" the heavy classics such as "Down By The Sea" or "Ghosts". Some tracks are enhanced by a string quartet arranged by longtime pal Robert Kirby. "Alice's Song", written by Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby about Brian's autistic neice, was released as a single in 2002 with a non-album bonus track from the sessions "On My Way".

The Baroque & Roll sessions produced three outtakes:

  • "Simple Visions" which was included on the The Witchwood Project sampler in 2006
  • "On My Way", which surfaced on the Alice's Song CD single
  • "The Hangman And The Papist" which was included on a 4CD collection of gloomy "neofolk": Looking For Europe

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    Dave Cousins (vcls, ac gtr, dulcimer, banjo)
    Dave Lambert (vcls, ac gtr)
    Brian Willoughby (ac gtr)

    Strings arranged by Robert Kirby (*)

    Strings: The Wrecking Crew
    Howard Gott (violin)
    Ruth Gottleib (violin)
    Sophie Sirotia (viola)
    Sarah Willson (cello)
    Andy Waterworth (double bass)

    Track listing

    1. Tears And Pavan (Cousins/Ford/Hudson)
    2. Remembering (Hawken)
    3. You And I (When We Were Young) (Cousins)
    4. Evergreen (*) (Cousins)
    5. Ghosts (Cousins)
    6. There Will Come The Day (Cousins/Airey)
    7. Not All The Flowers Grow (Cousins)
    8. Inside Your Hell Tonight (*) (Lambert)
    9. The Golden Salamander (Cousins)
    10. The River (Cousins)
    11. Down By The Sea (Cousins)
    12. Flower And The Young Man (Cousins)
    13. Benedictus (Cousins)
    14. Alice's Song (*) (Craig/Willoughby)

    Sleeve Notes

    Recorded July 2001 at KD's Studio, Church Path, Chiswick, London W4
    Engineer Kenny Denton

    Sleeve design

    Sleeve design and Artwork Rod Green with thanks to Tim Smith Photography Mike Alsford with assistant Claire Lawson

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