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The Witchwood Project cover


This is a new sampler featuring tracks from recent and forthcoming Witchwood Media releases, and includes a hitherto unreleased Strawberry Hill Boys track from the deepest vaults and an Acoustic Strawbs outtake, "Simple Visions".

It was issued with March/April copies of subscription only magazine of the Classic Rock Society, which also included a Strawbs double page spread. For details see the Classic Rock Society website.

track listing versions

Track listing

  1. Heartbreak Hill - Strawbs (from Heartbreak Hill - The Platinum Edition WMCD 2033)
  2. Call Of The Siren - Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra (from Ocean: Songs For The Night Sea Journey WMCD 2027)
  3. The Call To Action - Cousins & Conrad (from High Seas WMCD 2025)
  4. Oh How She Changed - Strawbs Acoustic (from Painted Sky WMCD 2028)
  5. Firefly - Dead Like Harry (from Stories From The Cellar WMCD 2030)
  6. God Bless The Master - The Watersons (from A Yorkshire Christmas WMCD 2029)
  7. Beside The Rio Grande - Strawbs (from Deep Cuts WMCD 2031)
  8. Shadowland - Dave Lambert (from Work In Progress WMCD 2013)
  9. Song Of A Sad Little Girl - Wakeman & Cousins (from Wakeman & Cousins Live WMCD 2024)
  10. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus - Strawbs (from Recollection WMCD 2033)
  11. Ease My Mind - Dark Ocean (from Planet Paranoid DMG 519971)
  12. All The Songs I Never Heard You Sing - John Ford (from Heading for a High: Wholeshot Records)
  13. Simple Visions - Acoustic Strawbs (previously unreleased)
  14. The Happiest Boy In Town - The Strawberry Hill Boys (previously unreleased)

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