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Best of Strawbs front cover


In 1978, three years after parting company with them, A&M went back to their archives for a creditable 2LP "best of" collection for the UK and the US (Canada had beat them to it with the epic-oriented Classic Strawbs 2LP set). The cover was interesting - a hand reaching out of a pile of strawberries, clutching a mandolin (not an instrument heavily featured in the Strawbs' output). Oh well, the selection of tracks featured was a good one, including "Blue Angel" from Dave's solo album Two Weeks Last Summer, which deserved to be brought to a wider audience.

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Track listing

  1. Hero And Heroine (Cousins)
  2. Tears And Pavan: Tears; Pavan (Cousins)/ (Hudson/Ford/Cousins)
  3. A Glimpse Of Heaven (Cousins)
  4. Round And Round (Cousins)
  5. New World (Cousins)

  6. Benedictus (Cousins)
  7. Shine On Silver Sun (Cousins)
  8. To Be Free (Cousins)
  9. Where Do You Go (When You Need A Hole To Crawl In) (Cousins)
  10. Autumn: Heroine's Theme; Deep Summer's Sleep; (Hold On To Me) The Winter Long (Hawken)/(Cousins)/(Cousins)

  11. Don't Try To Change Me (Lambert)
  12. Little Sleepy (Lambert)
  13. Part Of The Union (Hudson/Ford)
  14. Song Of A Sad Little Girl (Cousins)
  15. Down By The Sea (Cousins)

  16. Lay Down (Cousins)
  17. Heavy Disguise (Ford)
  18. Lemon Pie (Cousins)
  19. Blue Angel: Divided; Half Worlds Apart; At Rest (Cousins)

Sleeve Notes

To follow

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