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The Collection cover

A slightly eclectic low-price complation, released 6 May 2002 on Universal's budget label Spectrum

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Track listing

  1. Part Of The Union (Ford/Hudson)
  2. I'll Carry On Beside You (Cousins)
  3. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus (Cousins)
  4. Oh How She Changed (Cousins/Hooper)
  5. I Turned My Face Into The Wind (Cousins)
  6. Song Of A Sad Little Girl (Cousins)
  7. Witchwood (Cousins)
  8. Benedictus (Cousins)
  9. Heavy Disguise (Ford)
  10. Keep The Devil Outside (Ford)
  11. Shine On Silver Sun (Cousins)
  12. Grace Darling (Cousins)
  13. Lemon Pie (Cousins)
  14. Martin Luther King's Dream (Cousins)
  15. Tokyo Rosie (Cousins)
  16. Will Ye Go (McPeake)
  17. I Only Want My Love To Grow In You (Cousins)
  18. Lay Down (Cousins)

Sleeve Notes

To follow.

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