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Halcyon Days (UK) cover

A&M in the US also decided to release Halcyon Days, but with a different track listing to the UK version. Their release is sub-titled "The A&M Years". They featured less of the single B-sides, and no Hudson Ford material. The tracks run in chronological order, unlike the UK release.

The UK version of Halcyon Days has a different track selection and a different booklet. See track by track comparison of contents of the UK and US versions .

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Track listing

  1. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus
  2. Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth
  3. The Battle
  4. The Weary Song
  5. I Turned My Face Into The Wind
  6. Forever
  7. Song Of A Sad Little Girl
  8. A Glimpse Of Heaven
  9. Witchwood
  10. Sheep
  11. The Shepherd's Song
  12. The Hangman And The Papist
  13. Benedictus
  14. Queen Of Dreams
  15. Heavy Disguise
  16. New World
  17. Two Weeks Last Summer
  18. Blue Angel
  1. Here It Comes
  2. Part Of The Union
  3. Tears And Pavan
  4. The River
  5. Down By The Sea
  6. Lay Down
  7. Autumn
  8. Hero And Heroine
  9. Midnight Sun
  10. Out In The Cold
  11. Round And Round
  12. Ghosts
  13. Grace Darling
  14. Lemon Pie
  15. To Be Free
  16. Hanging In The Gallery
  17. The Promised Land

Sleeve Notes

To follow.

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