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Hero And Heroine cover

After the break up of the Bursting line-up, Dave Cousins and Dave Lambert recruited a new band around them, bringing in Rod Coombes from Stealers' Wheel and Chas Cronk from sessions work. John Hawken after leaving Renaissance had played with a number of bands including Spooky Tooth, Vinegar Joe, and Third World War. For more on the backgtound to the new line-up see the feature Strawbs - The New Crop".

They quickly released a taster single, "Shine On Silver Sun", but, despite a showing on Top Of The Pops, their UK singles chart spree was over; the following album, released in the UK in early 1974, shortly after its release in North America, was a blueprint for things to come - bleak, harsh lyrics reflecting Cousins current state of mind, increasingly electronic/progressive instrumentation and a concentration on the North American/Canadian market, where it sold hugely well, rather than the UK homeland. UK live work too dropped away - the UK tour to promote the album didn't prove as popular as 1973's monster effort - pop fans recruited on the back of "Part Of The Union" were taken aback by Cousins' harder approach. The fickle UK music press also contributed. The result was that, apar from a few gigs in late 1975, the band would not tour in the UK again till late 1976. The focus was now on clearly on North America, with increasingly lengthy tours.

The album was one of the Strawbs' biggest selling albums worldwide and achieved gold album status in Canada.

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Dave Cousins (vcls, ac/el gtrs)
Dave Lambert (vcls, ac/el gtrs)
John Hawken (pno, el pno, org, Mell, synth)
Chas Cronk (bs, synth, vcls)
Rod Coombes (drms, perc, vcls)

Track listing

  1. Autumn: Heroine's Theme; Deep Summer's Sleep; (Hold On To Me) The Winter Long (Hawken)/(Cousins)/(Cousins)
  2. Sad Young Man (Coombes)
  3. Just Love (Lambert)
  4. Shine On Silver Sun (Cousins)

  5. Hero And Heroine (Cousins)
  6. Midnight Sun (Cronk/Cousins)
  7. Out In The Cold (Cousins)
  8. Round And Round (Cousins)
  9. Lay A Little Light On Me (Cousins)
  10. Hero's Theme (Lambert)

bonus tracks (A&M 1998 UK CD re-issue and Japanese 2002 CD reissue)

  • Still Small Voice (hitherto unreleased)
  • Lay A Little Light On Me (early version)
  • bonus tracks (Universal Japan 2018 re-issue only)

  • Lay A Little Light On Me (early version)
  • Why And Wherefore
  • The 2008 CD release of Nomadness included "Still Small Voice", so to avoid duplication "Why And Wherefore" (which had only ver appeard on UK Halcyon Days) was substituted.

    Sleeve Notes

    Produced by Dave Cousins and Tom Allom
    Engineering Tom Allom and Freddy Hansson
    Recorded at Rosenberg Studios, Copenhagen in November 1973

    Sleeve information
    Sleeve printed and made in England by MacNeill Press Ltd London SE 1
    Art Director Michael Doud (London)
    Photography Tony Evans

    Other sleeve information
    A & M Records Ltd address quoted as A & M House, 136/138 New Kings Road, London SW6 4LZ

    The sleeve carries the following verse :

    While storm clouds gathered high above
    The Heroine he grew to love
    Turned slowly to a snow white dove
    And spread her wings to fly
    Crushed and broken in the end
    Hero watched his soul ascend
    Knowing that he was condemned
    To sail all alone to die


    UK Chart: 35
    US Chart: 94

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