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Not released on vinyl, cassette or 8-track

  • UK CD release
  • Variant packaging release
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    UK CD release

    CD (UK): WMCD 2041 (Witchwood, 2007) ("From The Witchwood Media Archive Series Vol. 4"). Nice picture of NYC on the front - the packaging incorporates the original programme from the Calderone Concert Hall show on 4 Dec 1975, reproduced on p4 of the booklet in its original scarlet, but also as a backdrop in limegreen to the tray inner/back and the CD itself. For extracts from the programme, see: the Memorabilia section.

    Booklet front (p1) and back (p4)

    Booklet pp2 & 3

    Tray inner and back


    Variant packaging release (*)

    Close to the release of this title, Witchwood Media's distributors Pinnacle went into liquidation and the outer tray insert was reprinted without Pinnacle's details and with a non-Pinnacle bar code. I don't believe the CD or any other packaging was redone.

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