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Acoustic Gold front cover


The time was ripe in 2011 for a retrospective of Acoustic Strawbs' recordings - hard to believe it was 10 years ago since Cousins, Lambert & Willoughby went into the studio to record some acoustic renditions of classic Strawbs numbers and released Baroque & Roll.

This CD collects some classic released acoustic material, some now deleted and hard to find, some never released at all, and a good purchase for fans attending an Acoustic Strawbs concert wanting something representative of what they're seeing/have seen.

Released August 2011

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Track listing

  1. Ghosts (Baroque & Roll)
  2. Copenhagen (Dancing To The Devil's Beat)
  3. A Glimpse Of Heaven (Live At Hampton Court DVD - unreleased on CD)
  4. Midnight Sun (Hero And Heroine In Ascencia)
  5. Evergreen (Baroque & Roll)
  6. Grace Darling (UNRELEASED - recorded live at Johnny D's, Somerville MA)
  7. Cold Steel (Painted Sky)
  8. Autumn (Full Bloom)
  9. Josephine, For Better Or For Worse (Strawberry Fayre)
  10. Witchwood (Live At Hampton Court DVD - unreleased on CD)
  11. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus (UNRELEASED - recorded live at The Fishpond, Matlock Bath)
  12. Benedictus (Painted Sky)

  13. Heritage Gold (bonus tracks)

  14. Cousins And Willoughby: Beat The Retreat (UNRELEASED - recorded 1979 in Bergamo Italy)
  15. Ringing Down The Years (B-side of "The King", recorded at Tittenhurst Park, 1980)

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