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All Our Own Work: The Complete Sessions front cover


June 2010 saw the release on CD of the complete Sandy and the Strawbs sessions which took place in Copenhagen in 1967. This is the first time that the whole of the All Our Own Work album has been legitimately released on CD. The lavishly illustrated packaging includes extracts from Dave Cousins' diary of the time and never before seen pictures of Sandy.

The master tapes were remastered by Chris Tsangarides and sound fantastic, bringing out elements of the music we've never heard before on either the old Pickwick release in 1973 or the Hannibal release (Sandy And The Strawbs). And there are various demos and outtakes from the period, including two Dave Cousins songs "Indian Summer" and "The Falling Leaves" which have never before seen the light of day, and a version of "Pieces of 79 and 15" with a Cousins lead vocal.

In 2014, vinyl specialist Numerophon produced, under licence from Witchwood Media, a splendid 2LP vinyl version of the Complete Sessions CD, with 6 tracks per side and different packaging (se cover shot below). Available from the Numerophon website at USD20 plus p&p.

Check out the reviews page for a preview from Dick Greener.

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Sandy Denny (vocals, guitar)
Dave Cousins (vocals, guitar, banjo)
Tony Hooper (vocals, guitar)
Ron Chesterman (bass)
Ken Gudmand (drums)

*Lead Vocal: Dave Cousins
†Lead Vocal: Sandy Denny
‡with Cy Nicklin (Sitar) and Ken Gudmand (Gong)
#with string section conducted by Sven Lundvig

Track listing

    Original Album Release

  1. On My Way (Cousins)
  2. Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Denny)
  3. Tell Me What You See In Me (Cousins)
  4. Always On My Mind (Hooper)
  5. Stay Awhile With Me (Cousins)
  6. Wild Strawberries (Cousins/Hooper)
  7. All I Need Is You (Cousins)
  8. How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite (Cousins)
  9. Sail Away To The Sea (Cousins)
  10. Sweetling (Hooper)
  11. Nothing Else Will Do* (Cousins)
  12. And You Need Me (Cousins)

    Out-takes & Demos

  13. Two Weeks Last Summer (Cousins)
  14. Nothing Else Will Do† (Cousins)
  15. Tell Me What You See In Me‡ (Cousins)
  16. Who Knows Where The Time Goes# (Denny)
  17. Stay Awhile With Me# (Cousins)
  18. And You Need Me# (Cousins)
  19. I've Been My Own Worst Friend (Cousins)
  20. Poor Jimmy Wilson (Cousins:)
  21. Strawberry Picking (Cousins/Hooper)

    Previously Unreleased Demos

  22. Pieces Of 79 And 15 (Cousins/Hooper)
  23. The Falling Leaves (Cousins)
  24. Indian Summer (Cousins)


All Our Own Work: viny reissue cover

CD (Witchwood Media WMCD 2047, 2010) - packaging includes unseen shots of Sandy, extracts from Dave Cousins' diary, a contemporary review, and a colour version of the chalk drawing which featured in black and white on the back of the original release.

2LP (Numerophon, 2014)- Numerophon released a 2LP quality vinyl version of the Complete Sessions CD with 6 tracks on each side. The package has a different cover (see right).

For the original vinyl album see original album page.

In 1991 Joe Boyd re-released a slightly different selection of the tapes on CD (designed to emphasise Sandy Denny's contribution, and with additional strings (recorded at the time, but not included in the mix used for All Our Own Work) as Sandy And The Strawbs on his Hannibal label.

All Our Own Work (with additional tracks lifted from Sandy And The Strawbs) has been bootlegged by a Spanish company Rockeria Estrella, based in Denia, near Alicante in Spain. See All Our Own Work bootleg.

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