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  • UK
  • US promo release
  • US releases
  • Canadian promo release ??
  • Canadian release
  • French release
  • German release
  • Dutch release
  • Spanish release
  • Australian release
  • South African release
  • Brazilian release
  • Cassette and 8-Track
  • UK cassette release
  • UK 8-track release?
  • US blue cassette release
  • US white cassette release
  • US 8-track release
  • Canadian cassette release?
  • Canadian 8-track release
  • German cassette release
  • Spanish cassette release
  • Australian cassette release
  • CD
  • One-Way Records CD release
  • Witchwood Media CD release
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    UK release

    Vinyl album: SPART 1036 (Arista UK, 1978). Gatefold sleeve. Outer face is wraparound, designed by noted studio Hypgnosis, of man drowning in water filled phone booth with sunset in the background. Inner spread showed hard-bitten newspaper editor (he must be, he has an eyeshade and metal doodads on his shirt sleeves) on the phone. Both are puns on "deadlines". Lyrics printed on inner spread.

    Outer sleeve

    Inner sleeve


    US promo release

    Vinyl album: AB 4172 (Arista, 1978, US). White label promo release.


    US releases

    Vinyl album: AB 4172 (Arista, 1978, US). Album is single sleeve, with the inner gatefold images and lyrics moved to a printed inner sleeve. Back cover has track listing, unlike UK version, and US details along the bottom. There were two variants of this release, same cover, different labels.

    Variant 1 - back cover detail and labels

    Variant 2 - labels

    Variant 3 - labels

    Canadian promo release (*)

    Vinyl album: AB 4172 (Arista, 1978, Canada).

    Canadian release

    Vinyl album: AB 4172 (Arista, 1978, Canada). Single sleeve, similar to outer cover of UK issue, but with track listing on back cover, and a Canadian catalogue number on the front at bottom right. Instead of the inner cover there's a 2-sided inner sleeve with the lyrics and credits, very similar to UK inner sleeve.

    Back cover

    Inner sleeve


    French release

    Vinyl album: 2C 068-60.370 (Arista, 1978, France) . Gatefold cover, little to differentiate it from the UK release. Frehnch cat nop at top left of front and top right of back cover. "Fabrique et publie en France par Pathe Marconi EMI" at bottom right of back cover, Arista logo bottom left. Very very tiny note (in English) "Made in France" at bottom right of inner spread.


    German release

    Vinyl album: 1C 064-60 518 (EMI/Electrola, 1978, Germany). A gatefold cover, pretty much the same as UK release - the back cover has EMI Electrola details and catalog number at bottom left/top right respectively. Inner spread is exactly as per UK release, including English Arista addresses.


    Dutch release

    Vinyl album: 5N 058N-60518 (Arista, 1978, Netherlands). Sleeve is identical to UK version except for Dutch details top right of inner spread, bottom of back cover, and the Dutch catalogue number top right of back cover.


    Spanish release

    Vinyl album: 10C 062-060.518 (Arista, 1978, Spain). Sleeve has been adapted, not least by giving it a Spanish sub-title "Lineas Murtas". The copy I have has a promo sticker: "Muestra invendible, destinada a promocion", which I think sounds rather good ("destined for promotion ...". The track titles have been translated on the labels and back cover as well.

    Sin regreso (No Return)
    Joey And Me (not translated)
    Seilado con el beso de un traidor (Sealed With A Traitor's Kiss)
    No quiero habla de esto (I Don't Want To Talk About It)
    El ultimo resorte (The Last Resort)

    Tempo y vida (Time And Life)
    Empezza de nuevo (New Beginnings)
    Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade)
    Palabras de sabiduria (Words Of Wisdom)



    Australian release

    Vinyl album: ARTY 1036 (Arista, 1978, Australia). Gatefold - pretty much identical to UK packaging, with EMI Australia details at top right of inner spread.

    South African release (*)

    Vinyl album: Spotted online.

    Brazilian release

    Vinyl album: 06460518 (Arista, 1978, Brazil).Single sleve, modelled on US sleeve with track listing on back. Brazil label infor at bottom right and catalogue number at top right. Slightly smaller than LP sized grey and white insert.


    UK cassette release

    Cassette: TCART 1036 (TC-ART 1036 on cassette label) (Arista UK, 1978). Cover on front, track listing on inner flap, nothing much on reverse other than details of UK rights society for licensing. Track running order same as album.

    NB the catalogue numbers differ as between cover and label (TCART on cover, TC-ART on label).

    Cassette cover outer


    UK 8-track release? (*)

    Not at all certain there was one of these - I think the UK had fallen out of love with this clunky format by then. But there might have been ...

    US blue cassette release

    A blue cassette with onbody printing and and single sided cassette cover. Blue cassette case too!

    Cassette cover outer


    US white cassette release (*)

    A white cassette with onbody printing and and single sided cassette cover.

    Cassette cover outer


    US 8-track

    8-track: AT8-4172 (Arista US, 1978). Running order as follows:

    Front and back

    Programme 1
    Joey and Me
    Sealed With a Traitor's Kiss
    I Don't Want to Talk About It (Pt. 1)

    Programme 2
    I Don't Want to Talk About It (Pt. 2)
    The Last Resort
    Deadly Nightshade

    Programme 3
    New Beginnings
    Words of Wisdom

    Programme 4
    No Return
    Time and Life

    Canadian cassette release? (*)

    As there was an 8-track, presumably there was a cassette release as well - anyone got one?

    Canadian 8-track release

    8-track: 8A-4172 (Arista Canada/Capitol, 1978). Comes in a Capitol Records standard black card box, with front window to see front of cartridge. Back has generic information. Running order as follows (different again):

    Front of cartridge, back of case and head

    Programme 1
    No Return
    The Last Resort

    Programme 2
    Time and Life
    New Beginnings
    I Don't Want to Talk About It (Pt. 1)

    Programme 3
    I Don't Want to Talk About It (Pt. 2)
    Sealed With a Traitor's Kiss
    Deadly Nightshade

    Programme 4
    Words of Wisdom
    Joey and Me

    German cassette release (*)

    cass: 1C 264-60 518 (EMI Electrola, 1978). Listed on rear of German vinyl release.

    Spanish cassette release (*)

    cass: 10C 262-060.518 (EMI Odeon SA 1978). Listed on Discogs.

    Front inner and flap

    Australian cassette release (*)

    cass: TC-ARTY 1036 (EMI (Australia), 1978). I have the paper but not the cassette itself. NB, the Australians think it's called "Deadline" - ooops!


    One-Way Records CD release

    CD: OW34499 (One Way Records, 1996). Insert features reproduction of back and front cover of US version of album. Inner spread of insert has track listing and personnel details, no, lyrics or photos.

    Outer cover

    Inner cover

    CD and tray back

    Witchwood Media CD release with bonus tracks

    For extended editions, see Deadlines Witchwood Media release page.

    Air Miles card sleeve CD release with bonus tracks

    For extended editions, see Deadlines Witchwood Media release page.

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