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The Ferryman's Curse cover

The first new Strawbs album since 2009's Dancing To The Devil's Beat, will feature the electric line-up that has toured so successfully in the last two years, with Dave Bainbridge on keys and Tony Fernandez on drums.

To pre-order - see below


Dave Cousins (vocals, ac gtr, autoharp)
Dave Lambert (vocals, el gtr)
Chas Cronk (bass, pedals, 12-string, vocals)
Dave Bainbridge (keyboards, guitars, bouzouki)
Tony Fernandez (drums, percussion)

Track listing

  • In The Beginning/The Nails From The Hands Of Christ
  • The Song Of Infinite Sadness
  • The Familiarity Of Old Lovers
  • When The Spirit Moves
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Ferryman's Curse
  • Bats And Swallows
  • We Have The Power
  • There is now a preview from Dick Greener on the reviews page.


    The deadline for pre-ordering to get your name in the booklet was 5pm Friday 8 September. You can still pre-order The Ferryman's Curse, using either of the methods on the album page and your CD will be sent out on or ahead of the release date, but we won't be able to include your name. See the album page for details.

    Please make it clear in the e-mail that you are aware that your name is too late for inclusion in the list.

    I acknowledge ALL orders (within a day or two), so if you don't hear from me your order has NOT been received by me.

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