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Not released on vinyl, cassette or 8-track.

  • UK CD release
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    UK release

    CD: 540 662-2 (A&M, UK, 2CD, 1997) The UK booklet (which unlike the US booklet is in black and white - other than the front and back pages, and is shorter - 12pp rather than 24pp) contains various uncommon black & white photos (Witchwood era band, GNW-era band, Ghosts-era band (on centre spread) and Cousins c. 1972/73 in colour on the back of the booklet. Under the disk tray, there's a photo of Dave Cousins with a 12-string Ovation. Sleeve notes by John Tobler.

    The US CD released as Halcyon Days (The A&M Years) has different tracks and a different booklet. Track by track comparison of contents of the UK and US versions . Some of the same photos are included in both packages, but the ones in the US edition are mainly in colour. The sleeve notes are thought to be identical (not proofread {grin})


    Tray back and inner


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