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Heartbreak Hill extended edition front cover


New release date: 6 Jun 2020 (may be subject to further change due to the global corona-virus pandemic).

  • newly remastered & expanded edition of the classic “lost” Strawbs album recorded in 1978
  • remastered from the original master tapes
  • with five bonus tracks
  • fully restored artwork & new essay by Dave Cousins
  • if you pre-order from Cherry Red, limited edition postcard available with pre-orders while stocks last (please note postcard design is the same for both releases Heartbreak Hill and Burning For You)
  • Pre-order on Cherry Red site.

    See also the original album page.

    track listing

    Track listing

    1. Something For Nothing
    2. Another Day Without You
    3. We Can Make It Together
    4. Heartbreak Hill
    5. Starting Over
    6. Two Separate People
    7. Desert Song
    8. Let It Rain
    9. Bonus tracks on Esoteric release

    10. Bring Out Your Dead (Home Demo)
    11. Another Day Without You (Home Demo)
    12. Heartbreak Hill (Live At The 40th Anniversary Celebration, Sep 2009)
    13. Starting Over (Live At The 40th Anniversary Celebration, Sep 2009)

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