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Witchwood: Very Best of cover

A new compilation coming out with a thoughtful selection of key songs, covering the A&M years from 1969's Strawbs to 1975's Nomadness. Focusing on the big-hitting middle period covering Grave New World, Bursting At The Seams and Hero And Heroine, it includes most of the key single releases and key tracks, though surprisingly not "Autumn". There's nothing from Dragonfly or Antiques & Curios, and only "Witchwood" from From The Witchwood. First compilation appearance for Rod Coombes' "A Mind Of My Own".

track listing versions

Track listing

  1. Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth? (Cousins)
  2. Oh How She Changed (Cousins/Hooper)
  3. Witchwood (Cousins)
  4. Benedictus (Cousins)
  5. Heavy Disguise (Ford)
  6. New World (Cousins)
  7. Queen Of Dreams (Cousins)
  8. Lay Down (Cousins)
  9. The Winter And The Summer (Lambert)
  10. The River (Cousins)
  11. Down By The Sea (Cousins)
  12. Part Of The Union (Ford/Hudson)
  13. Shine On Silver Sun (Cousins)
  14. Round And Round (Cousins)
  15. Hero And Heroine (Cousins)
  16. Grace Darling (Cousins)
  17. Ghosts (Cousins)
  18. The Golden Salamander (Cousins)
  19. A Mind Of My Own (Coombes)


(Spectrum, SPEC2183) - released May 2014

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