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  • UK release
  • US promo release
  • US promo release variant
  • US release
  • US "R" "club" release
  • Canadian promo "DJ" release
  • Canadian release
  • Canadian reissue
  • German release
  • Italian test pressing
  • Italian release
  • Australian release
  • New Zealand release
  • South African release
  • Venezuelan release
  • Brazilian release
  • Japanese promo release
  • Japanese release
  • Korean release
  • Cassette & 8-track
  • UK cassette release
  • UK 8-track release
  • US cassette release
  • US 8-track release
  • Canadian cassette release
  • Canadian 8-track release
  • Brazilian cassette release
  • CD
  • Si-Wan Korean CD release (1999)
  • Universal CD release (1998)
  • Russian bootleg CD release
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    UK release

    Vinyl album: AMLH 68277 (A&M, UK, 1975). Single sleeve, with cream coloured inner sleeve setting out lyrics over faintly watermarked version of the melting strawberry which was first used (as far as I know) in the 1973 A&M brochure, from where it was painted on to the back of my schoolbag and eventually became incorporated into the Strawbsweb logoberry. There's another one reversed out in white at the bottom right of the back cover. Silver labels.

    Front and back cover

    Inner sleeve


    US promo release

    Vinyl album: SP 4506 (A&M, US, 1975). The cover is promo stickered, and the labels white with black text - "Promotion Copy Not For Sale" appears around the rim of the label at the top. My copy of this has no inner lyrics sleeve.

    Promo sticker and Labels

    US promo release variant

    Vinyl album: SP 4506 (A&M, US, 1975). The cover is promo stickered on the back cover, the labels white with black text - "Promotion Copy Not For Sale" to the right of the spindle hole. This one HAS an inner lyrics sleeve - similar to UK inner sleeve, but with US publishing details ("ASCAP") next to the UK publisher and US catalogue number, printing details at the bottom right of side 2 lyrics. The UK inner sleeve has an A&M logo on side 2, but the US inner sleeve doesn't.


    US release

    Vinyl album: SP 4506 (A&M, US, 1975). The front cover has a small A&M logo bottom right, with the catalogue number. Back has the US address at the bottom. The labels are US-style silver, and there's a lyrics inner sleeve.



    US "R" "club" release

    Vinyl album: R104612 (A&M, ???). This looks like a US copy, but has a different style label and, though the US catalogue number appears on the front cover at bottom right, the R104612 number is in light blue on the back cover, bottom right next to the dripping strawberry. The catalogue number also appears on the labels and the inner lyrics sleeve.

    It had been unclear whether this was:

  • a later re-issue (both A&M reissues usually keep the same cat no
  • a special edition -- maybe "R" stands for "Record Club"; or
  • not a US issue at all, despite the US sleeve
  • but with Hero and Heroine being listed on Discogs as a "club" edition it now seems clear that it's the second of these.

    There is also an "R" release for Nomadness (R 123600), and I have seen one for Stealers' Wheel's Stuck In The Middle With You.


    Canadian promo "DJ" release

    Vinyl album: SP 4506 (A&M, Can, 1974). Same as full release below, but with "D.J. COPY NOT FOR SALE" overprinted on silver label. Not known if there was a white label promo as standard with most other releases - both earlier (BATS) and later (Nomadness) - anyone got one?

    Canadian release

    Vinyl album: SP 4506 (A&M, Can, 1974). Canadian release pretty much the same as the UK release, with A&M logo, cat number and Canadian address at bottom of sleeve back. There a lyrics insert rather than lyrics inner sleeve, but it comes with a blue company inner sleeve.

    Labels, first release

    Canadian reissue

    Vinyl album: SP 4506 (A&M, Can, 1974). Again, pretty much the same as the UK release, with Canadian address (and on the reissue, also US trademark wording) at bottom of the sleeve back. There's a French/English protective sleeve, telling you how to care for your records, with a protective polythene inner. But alongside that, there's also a paper inner with a non-melting strawberry, broadly the same but with the dripping bit not there - more hand-drawn looking than the A&M catalogue/album sleeve version, which may or may not indicate it was home-made, although it certainly looks printed to me.


    Labels, later release

    German release

    Vinyl album: 88564 XOT (A&M, Ger, 1975).


    Italian test pressing

    Vinyl album: SLAM 68277 (A&M/Dischi Records SPA, Italy, 1975). This came with a plain printed white label on the disc and loose release labels (which are the same as the full release below). A very slightly textured sleeve with Dischi details on bakk cover (bottom) and Italian catalogue number top right.

    Test pressing label

    Italian release

    Vinyl album: SLAM 68277 (A&M/Dischi Records SPA, Italy, 1975). Same as promo release, includes a two-sided cream coloured insert with the lyrics as per UK copy, with an A&M logo and the Italian catalogue number plus "Distribuzione Dischi Recordi SPA" at bottom right of side 2.


    Australian release

    Vinyl album: L35428 (A&M/Festival, Australia, 1975). Pretty much the same as the UK release, except with the Australian cat number top right of back cover and Festival address at the bottom. There's a nice thick paper version of the cream inner lyrics sleeve, with a protective plastic inner, which also has the cat number.

    New Zealand release

    Vinyl album: L35428 (A&M/Festival, New Zealand, 1975). Cover - front same as UK, back same, except for Festival Records info at bottom, No lyric insert or sheet in my copy, but there may well hadve been one. Big surprise is that it comes with brown labels - this must have been the latest Strawbs release with brown labels, as silver labels came in in 1974 in most places.


    South African release

    Vinyl album: AMLH 68277 (A&M/RPM, South Africa, 1975). Pretty much the same as US release, except that catalog number appears with tiny A&M logo bottom right of front, with US address on back cover below details about RPM Pty. Rather tha an inner sleeve, there's a single page insert with the lyrics.

    There's a reference on the back cover to cassette and 8-track formats (ZCAM 68277 and Y8AM 68277 respectively) - not clear whether those refer to US releases or South African releases (they don't appear on the US sleeve). They're not UK releases, cat nos: CAM and YAM respectively - see below.


    Venezuelan release

    Vinyl album: LPS 88418 (A&M/El Palacio de la Musica, Venezuela, 1975) Pretty identical to the US version, I'd imagine, with the US PO Box addres on the back sleeve. Also on the back sleeve, the Venezuelan company logo "Hecho en Venezuela por ..." , the cat number and a "D" in a circle ("distributed"?). No insert, a scrunched polythene inner.

    The labels however are fascinating, having everything translated:

    1. Fantasmas (Ghosts)
    2. Dulces Suenos (Sweet Dreams)
    3. Noche Clara (Night Light)
    4. Angel De La Guarda (Guardian Angel)
    5. Pastel De Limon (Lemon Pie)
    6. Brillo De Estrellas/Vino De Angeles (Starshine/Angel Wine)
    7. Abonde Vas (Cuando Necessitas Un Escondite) (Where Do You Go (When You Need A Hole To Crawl In))

    8. La Subasta De La Vida (The Life Auction)
    9. Impressiones De Southall Desde El Tren (Impressions Of Southall From The Train)
    10. La Subasta (The Auction)
    11. No Trates De Cambiarme (Don't Try To Change Me)
    12. Recordsando (Remembering)
    13. Tu Y Yo (Cuando Eramos Jovenes) You And I (When We Were Young))
    14. La Gracia Salvadora (Grace Darling)


    Brazilian release

    Vinyl album: SA&M 2138 (A&M Brazil, 1975). Single sleeve release. Back cover has Brazilian catalogue number top right (as well as US no), and "ESTEREO". At the bottom, it has the Disco E Cultura details of the Brazilian manufacturer. Also says "TAMBEM EM CASSETTE", so I guess there was a cassette release too. Comes in clear plastic inner, so sign of any lyrics insert/inner sleeve.


    Japanese promo release

    Vinyl album: AML 232 (A&M/King Records, Japan, 1975). Another nice presentation from King Records. Album cover pretty identical to US version, including US address on back, but King Records number added to front and back. There's an Obi with the back showing Strawbs albums released to date. The insert is 4pp album sized, printed in Ghosts cream and brown. The inner spread has the English lyrics, the front has Japanese sleeve notes and English/Japanese track listing, the back has lyrics translated into Japanese.

    Obi and insert


    Japanese release

    Vinyl album: AML 232 (A&M/King Records, Japan, 1975). As per promo generally.


    Korean release

    Vinyl album: (no catalog number, A&M/???, Korea, ????). Nice packaging here. The sleeve is pretty much the same as the UK release, except for a change in the colour scheme: the band name is bright red and the word "Ghosts" in pink. There is some Korean writing on the back of the sleeve at bottom left and right. Inside there's a slightly weird brown inner sleeve, and a 2-sided A3 insert folded into 4 pages, one page of which has the lyrics, the rest of which is largely devoted to other artists.

    Front and back cover


    Inner sleeve (same both sides



    UK cassette release

    Cassette: CAM 68277 (A&M, UK, 1975). Cover picture from album framed against an orange background. Inner flap has 5 pictures of band members from reverse of album cover. Inside is the track listing, and, as A&M were nolonger getting Precision Tapes to make their cassettes, the running order is the same as the album.

    Cassette cover, outer and inner


    UK 8-track release

    8-track : YAM 68277 (A&M, UK, 1975). By now A&M were making their own 8-tracks as well, using a standard black A&M box, which had the same label wrapped around it was wrapped around the cartridge itself. However, given the nature of the medium, the tracks had to be broken up and resequenced (long epic songs, such as "Ghosts" and "The Life Auction", must have made the 8-track engineers' lives a misery, as you can see below):

    Front back and head

    Running order

    Programme A
    You And I (When We Were Young)
    Grace Darling
    Starshine/Angel Wine (Part I)

    Programme B
    Starshine/Angel Wine (Part II)
    Ghosts (Part I): Sweet Dreams; Night Light

    Programme C
    Ghosts (Part II): Guardian Angel
    Don't Try To Change Me
    The Life Auction (Part I: Impressions Of Southall From The Train; The Auction (Part I)

    Programme D
    The Life Auction (Part II): The Auction (Part II)
    Lemon Pie
    Where Do You Go (When You Need A Hole To Crawl In)

    US cassette release (*)

    Not seen this but there certainly would ahve been one.

    US 8-track release (*)

    8-track : 8T 4506 (A&M, US, 1975).


    Curiously, the running order for the US 8-track is the same as the LP.

    Canadian cassette release (*)

    Not seen this but there certainly would have been one.

    Canadian 8-track release

    8-track : 8T 4506 (A&M, Canada, 1975). Plain white card case, fairly basic design.

    Running order

    Program 1
    Ghosts: Sweet Dreams; Night Light; Guardian Angel
    Starshine (begin)

    Program 2
    Starshine (concl.)/Angel Wine
    Where Do You Go (When You Need A Hole To Crawl In)
    Lemon Pie

    Program 3
    The Life Auction (Part I: Impressions Of Southall From The Train; The Auction
    You And I (When We Were Young) (begin)

    Program 4
    You And I (When We Were Young) (concl.)
    Grace Darling
    Don't Try To Change Me

    Front back and head

    Brazilian cassette release (*)

    Referred to on Brazilian LP release. No other details.


    Korean CD release (1998)

    CD: SRMC 0085 (Si-Wan, 1998). Front, back covers and lyric inner sleeve reproduced in full (without watermark feature); 2pp of sleeve notes in Korean. The Obi has adverts for Si Wan releases of Grave New World and Antiques & Curios.

    CD booklet pp 1 & 8)

    CD booklet pp 2 & 3

    CD booklet pp 4 & 5

    CD booklet pp6 & 7

    Obi and CD body

    Universal CD release (1998)

    CD: 540 937-2 (A&M, 1998, REMASTERED WITH BONUS TRACK) Front cover and band photos from rear cover reproduced. No lyrics, but six pages of sleeve notes by Dave Cousins and John Tobler.

    CD booklet pp 1 & 8)

    CD booklet pp 2 & 3

    CD booklet pp 4 & 5

    CD booklet pp6 & 7

    CD body

    Russian bootleg CD release, no date

    CD: AN99-065 (Ars Nova, no date) with 2 bonus tracks) Reported as an "unofficial" release, based on the Universal remaster - cheeky enough to keep Universal design and copyright information on the tray back. 4pp booklet, the outer part referring to Ghosts, the inner giving details of their bootleg of From The Witchwood!

    Booklet pp1 (front) & 4 (back)

    Booklet pp2 & 3 (From The Witchwood content


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