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Cousins & Wakeman Live 1998 cover

The first in the "From The Witchwood Media Archive" series of releases, a beautifully recorded duo live set from Rick and Dave dating back to 1988, when Cousins was running DevonAir. He booked the Rick Wakemsan band for the first DevonAir Music Festival. As well a playing with the band, Rick did a duo set with Dave, which was recorded for posterity. The piano and solo guitar fit together superbly and Dave is in stunning voice throughout.

"The Shepherd's Song" was previously released on Thirty Years in Rock, the covermounted sampler given away free with the May 2001 issue of the Classic Rock Society's magazine Wondrous Stories.

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Rick Wakeman: Concert grand piano, Roland synth (*)
Dave Cousins: vocals, guitar

Track listing

    Dave Cousins solo, Exeter 1988

  1. Grace Darling
  2. Part Of The Union

    Wakeman and Cousins, Exeter 1988

  3. A Glimpse Of Heaven
  4. Song Of A Sad Little Girl
  5. The Hangman And The Papist
  6. Witchwood
  7. The Shepherd's Song
  8. Ways And Means

    Wakeman and Cousins, Dranouter, 6 Aug Belgium 1988

  9. Martin Luther King's Dream (*)

Sleeve Notes

From the Witchwood Media Archive Series: Vol. 1

Recorded at the Plaza, Exeter, Devon, 14 July 1988
Recording engineer Dave Moss
Compere Tim Arnold

Recorded Dranouter Festival by RTBF

Edited and mastered by Roger Wake

Photographs Mike Alsford
Sleeve design Rod Green

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