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UK, 1968-1980s

4th Cambridge Folk Festival, 1969

Their first visit as Strawbs

5th Cambridge Folk Festival, 1969

Around the time of their first album

9th National Blues & Jazz Festival, Plumpton, August 8-10, 1969

First time at Plumpton

Roy Harper tour, 1970

The first tour by the Cousins/Hooper/Wakeman/Ford/Hudson band

Unknown, 1970

An appearance in a "whole season" programme alongside Englebert Hunperdinck, Tommy Steele and Shirley Bassey!

Queen Elizabeth Hall, 11 July 1970

The "Antiques and Curios" concert

Christmas Concert In Aid Of The Conservation Society, Royal Albert Hall, 21 December 1970

Hardin & York open for the Wakeman line-up Strawbs, with Al Stewart as special guest artist

Show Souvenir for Family, Mountain, Strawbs, Procol Harum (1971?)

A multi-band souvenir. See notes on page.

Grave New World tour, 1972

The Strawbs add multimedia to their second major tour in the UK

Great Western Express, Lincoln, May 1972

A seriously major festival alongside The Beach Boys, Don McLean, Rory Gallagher, Long John Baldry, Lindisfarne, Faces, Joe Cocker, Genesis, Nazareth, Focus, Billy Joel, and Vinegar Joe (the latter featuring piano player John Hawken) and others

Bursting At The Seams tour, 1973

Lambert joins the Strawbs for a 52-date marathon tour in the wake of the success of "Lay Down" and "Part Of The Union" - but it will ultimately end in tears ...

Hero And Heroine tour, 1974

The reshaped band plays its first UK tour in early 1974

July Wakes Festival, 1976

Rare Dave Cousins solo appearance before helicoptering out to play with Strawbs at Cardiff Castle

Rock The Castle, Cardiff Castle, 1976

Dave Cousins arrived by helicopter from the July Wakes Festival to play with Strawbs at Cardiff Castle

Deep Cuts tour, 1976

Back in the UK after a lengthy period wooing the States, a short but stunning tour with the four piece line-up (Cousins, Lambert, Cronk, Coombes) plus sidemen Robert Kirby and John Mealing

15th Cambridge Folk Festival, 1979

A solo appearance from Dave Cousins fourteen years after the Strawbs first played at Cambridge

19th Cambridge Folk Festival, 1983

After a three year break, Strawbs reform after playing Rick Wakeman's Gastank TV show.

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