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Not released on vinyl, cassette or 8-track.

  • Oh Boy 2CD release
  • These tracks are a selection from the two BBC In Concert programmes from 1973 and 1974, of which there are BBC Transcription Discs (where the same song was performed in both concerts, Windsong have opted for the 1973 versions in order to fit it all onto one disc). They were bootlegged in full as Heroes Are Forever and the 1974 show is also reproduced on another bootleg - Prince and Princess (despite information on the Prince CD which indicates it is another concert entirely).

  • BBC In Concert includes the whole of Disk 1 and the following from Disk 2: "Autumn", "Out In The Cold", "Round And Round", "Hero And Heroine", "Lay A Little Light On Me".
  • Prince And Princess says it is a radio show (the same as In Search Of The Heroine) but in fact is the same as Disk 2 of this release.
  • Benedictus bootleg is just Disk 1 of Heroes Are Forever.
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    Oh Boy 2CD release

    CD: Oh Boy 2-9061 (Oh Boy, 1990). The cover - as ever with bootlegs - is pot luck as to accuracy: the front features an otherwise unpublished shot of the post-Hawken band, with Rod Coombes still there, but with Robert Kirby and John Mealing in place as semi-band members - a line-up that lasted from mid/late '75 to early 77. The back cover - see right - does at least match the music of CD 2 - a late '74 publicity shot in colour taken around the time of "Shine On Silver Sun".




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