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Strawbs At The BBC, Vol 2 front cover

Universal released two major compilations of rare tracks from BBC sessions/live radio shows in July 2010. The material was released in two volumes - Volume 1 (In Session) sessions tracks from 60s and 70s shows Top Gear, Sounds Of The Seventies etc. and Volume 2 - In Concert (2CDs).

This comprises three hour long concerts broadcast by the BBC in 1971 (Wakeman's last show with Strawbs), 1973 (BATS line-up) and 1974 (Hero And Heroine line-up), which are spread over the 2 Cds.

The 1971 concert, recorded on 23 June 1971 and transmitted on 1 July, has some true gems - a Wakeman instrumental "RMW", versions of "In Amongst The Roses" and early version of "Flower And The Young Man" sung by Cousins, not Hooper, and for fun some Americana - a banjo-enhanced version of "When You Wore A Tulip". This may have been resurrected in rehearsals for a show scheduled for 5 July or 12 July 1971 at the Hop Poles in Enfield, when Cousins, Hooper and Chesterman were to reunite as the Strawberry Hill Boys. (There was some confusion between Colin Scot and the SHBs over the dates and, according to Paul Brazier who was there and recorded the shows, they all decided to do both gigs!) If that was the case, then obviously "Tulip" was so much fun, they decided to do it for the BBC as well!

The 1973 concert includes for the first time Dave Lanbert's "Bovver Blues" skinhead parody, omitted from the previous BBC releases and bootlegs. The other tracks from the 1973 concert were previously released on the bootleg Heroes Are Forever and BBC In Concert

The 1974 concert was previously released on the bootleg Heroes Are Forever and somne of tracks where there were not duplicate 1973 versions (marked *) also appeared on BBC In Concert.

For Strawbs At The BBC Volume 1 - In Session , see Strawbs At The BBC Volume 1 page.

track listing versions

Volume 2 track listing

CD 1

1971: (Cousins/Hooper/Wakeman/Ford/Hudson)
The Hangman And The Papist
Martin Luther King's Dream
A Glimpse Of Heaven
In Amongst The Roses
The Flower And The Young Man
The Shepherd's Song
When You Wore A Tulip

1973 Part 1: (Cousins/Lambert/Ford/Hudson/Weaver)
New World
Tears And Pavan
Stormy Down
The Hangman And The Papist

CD 1

1973 Part 2: (Cousins/Lambert/Ford/Hudson/Weaver)
Heavy Disguise
Bovver Blues
The River/Down By The Sea
The Winter And The Summer
Part Of The Union
Lay Down

1974: (Cousins/Lambert/Cronk/Coombes/Hawken)
New World
Lay Down
Autumn (*)
Tears And Pavan
Just Love (*) Out In The Cold/Round And Round (*)
Hero And Heroine (*)
The River/Down By The Sea
Lay A Little Light On Me (*)

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