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Box set

3CD boxed set, CAROLR070CD, (Caroline, 2017). CD size box, with three facsimile card sleeves inside - one for each of the original albums - and a 20pp booklet with sleeve notes by yours truly (not reproduced). The front of the card sleeves match the original UK LP sleeves - except that Free Spirit has a black border around the gas can to show off the curves. The backs are modelled on the UK originals, but reworded to include bonus tracks, 2017 release info and, on Nickelodeon, an additional musician credit - Will Hill, who played drums on "This Is Not The Way (To End A War Or To Die)". The CDs themselves are designed to reflect the album sleeves - all in all a nice package.

cover shot



  1. Crying Blues (Hudson/Ford)
  2. Angels (Hudson/Ford)
  3. I Wanted You (Hudson/Ford)
  4. Hello, I Thought You Were Dead (Hudson/Ford)
  5. Solitude (Hudson/Ford)
  6. Dark Lord (Hudson/Ford)
  7. Pick Up The Pieces (Hudson/Ford)
  8. Let Her Cry (Hudson/Ford)
  9. Tea Leaf (To Joss) (Hudson/Ford)
  10. Take It Back (Hudson/Ford)
  11. I Don't Understand (Hudson/Ford)
  12. Revelations (Hudson/Ford)
  13. Bonus tracks
  14. This Is Not The Way (To End A War Or To Die) (Hudson/Ford)
  15. Make No Mistake (Hudson/Ford)
  16. Take It Back (7" version)(Hudson/Ford)

cover shot


  1. Take A Little Word (Hudson/Ford)
  2. Free Spirit (Hudson/Ford)
  3. Mothermild (Hudson/Ford)
  4. I Don't Want To Be A Star (Hudson/Ford)
  5. Silent Star (Hudson/Ford)
  6. Such A Day (Hudson/Ford)
  7. How Many Times (Hudson/Ford)
  8. Floating In The Wind (Hudson/Ford)
  9. Bonus tracks
  10. Burn Baby Burn (Hudson/Ford)
  11. Floating In The Wind (7" version) (Hudson/Ford)

back cover


  1. Did Worlds Collide (Hudson/Ford)
  2. Mechanics (Hudson/Ford)
  3. When Love Has Overgrown (Hudson/Ford)
  4. As Hours Go By (Hudson/Ford)
  5. Bootleg (Hudson/Ford)
  6. Jesus Said (I Am The Door) (Hudson/Ford)
  7. Day Without Love (Hudson/Ford)
  8. Petro Rock (Hudson/Ford)
  9. Mile High City (Hudson/Ford)
  10. Keep Me Rolling (Hudson/Ford)
  11. Bonus tracks
  12. When Love Has Overgrown (7" version) (Hudson/Ford)
  13. When The Lights Go Out (Hudson/Ford)

cover shot

Reviews and Comments

To follow

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