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Tracks cover shot

  1. Crying Blues (Hudson/Ford)
  2. Angels (Hudson/Ford)
  3. I Wanted You (Hudson/Ford)
  4. Hello, I Thought You Were Dead (Hudson/Ford)
  5. Solitude [Burn Baby Burn on US/Can versions, SP 3616] (Hudson/Ford)
  6. Dark Lord (Hudson/Ford)

  7. Pick Up The Pieces (Hudson/Ford)
  8. Let Her Cry (Hudson/Ford)
  9. Tea Leaf (To Joss) (Hudson/Ford)
  10. Take It Back (Hudson/Ford)
  11. I Don't Understand (Hudson/Ford)
  12. Revelations (Hudson/Ford)

The earlier releases in 1973 of this album (in UK and Europe) include "Solitude", but US and Canadian releases, delayed until Feb 1974, included the current single "Burn Baby Burn" instead.

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  • UK ("Solitude")
  • US promo ("BBB")
  • US release ("BBB")
  • Canadian promo ? ("BBB")
  • Canadian release ("BBB")
  • German release ("Solitude")
  • Spanish release ("Solitude")
  • Yugoslavian release ("Solitude")
  • South African release?
  • Cassette and 8-track
  • UK cassette ?
  • UK 8-track tape
  • SA cassette
  • CD
  • UK CD release (as part of The A&M Years 3CD boxed set, 2017 - with additional bonus tracks)
  • Spanish bootleg CD release, 2009
  • Big Pink (query bootleg) Korea CD release 2015
  • Vivid/Big Pink (query bootleg) Japanese CD release 2016?
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    UK release

    Vinyl album: AMLH 68208 (A&M, UK, 1973). Single sleeve. Issued with brown A&M label, may have been re-issued at later date with silver label. Two-side insert (28cm by 28cm, slightly smaller than album size): one side has colour pic of Hud and John, the other has the album lyrics.

    Front and back of sleeve

    Inner sleeve


    UK silver label reissue? (*)

    Haven't seen one - was there ever such a thing?

    US promo release

    Vinyl album: SP 3616 (A&M, US, 1973). Standard A&M white promo labels in two variants. Cover has US address. There may be a third variant as with other Strawbs/Hudson Ford releases.

    Promo sticker

    Labels (variant 1)

    Labels (variant 2)

    US release

    Vinyl album: SP 3616 (A&M, US, 1974). Not 100% sure of the date here - the US album has "Burn Baby Burn" instead of "Solitude": The UK al;bum was released in the UK in August 1973. BBB was released on single in Feb 1974, and it's thought that the US album wasn;t released until then either.

    Single sleeve, nearly identical to UK, except US catalogue number under A&M logo bottom left of front of sleeve, different address details on back cover and, most important, the track listing includes "Burn Baby Burn". The line about being playable on mono or stereo players is not there either.

    Instead of an insert, there's an inner sleeve, with the pic on one side (with a white border) and the lyrics on the other (with different publishing details for the US) Labels are silver labels.

    Back cover

    Inner sleeve


    Canada promo (*)

    Vinyl album: SP 3616 (A&M, Canada, 1973). Was there such a thing?

    Canada release

    Vinyl album: SP 3616 (A&M, Canada). Cover identical to US, except for Canadian address as well as US address on the back cover. Comes with the same insert as US and a nice light blue protective sleeve. Silver labels.

    Back cover


    Inner sleeve

    German release

    Vinyl album: A&M 87482 AT (A&M/Ariola Germany, 1973). Cover identical to US/UK releases, except with Ariola details instead of UK/US address. No insert in my copy but there almost certainly was one - it was pretty standard elsewhere. Brown labels.


    Spanish release

    Vinyl album: A&M 87 482 1 (A&M Spain, 1973/1974).Near identical sleeve to UK sleeve, with Spanish catalogue number at bottom centre of the back cover on the yellow grid, with Ariola/Eurodisc details below at the centre of the orange border.

    To the left of this is "T.G. Hostench, S.A. Corcega, 231-233, Barcelona (11) 1974" - no idea what this is - sleeve manufacture maybe? And not clear whether this indicates the Spanish version didn't come out in 1973 but 1974 instead. The fact that the album has silver labels suggests it may have come out later than the UK album (but before the US release in Feb 1974 (in whch case it might well have had "Burn Baby Burn" rather than "Solitude").


    Yugoslavian release

    Vinyl album: LSAM-70612 (Jugoton, Yugoslavia, 1974) Almost identical to UK issue except for Jugoton "badge" on front and back cover. Some very small printing towards bottom of back cover: "YUGOTON - PODUZECE ZA IZRADU GRAMOFONSKI PLOCA ZAGREB - DUBRAVA Made in Yugoslavia - Offsetni tisak - NASA DJECA Zagreb". According my trusty Serbo-Croat translator, "Yugoton - Company for making LPs"! Offsetni tisak is offset printing.

    No lyrics inner sleeve or insert in my copy.

    Front and back cover


    South African release ?

    As this came out on cassette, highly likely that it also appeared on vinyl - anyone have one or spotted it?


    UK release (?)

    Cassette: ZCAM 68208 (A&M, UK, 1973). As this was released on cassette in South Africa (see below), it's difficult to believe it wasn't on cassette in UK. Anyone got/seen one? Or was there a CAM release?

    UK 8-track release (*)

    8-track: Y8AM 68208 (A&M, UK, 1973). Listed on Discogs. Like the UK LP release it includes "Solitude" rather than "Burn Baby Buren", but surprisingly also includes the B-side of "Pick Up The Pieces" - "This Is Not The Way (To End A War Or To Die)" - hitherto thought unreleased other than as the single B-side until 2016's A&M Years boxed set.

    Running order

    Program 1
    Crying Blues
    Let Her Cry
    Hello I Thought You Were Dead

    Program 2
    Take It Back
    Dark Lord

    Program 3
    I Wanted You
    Tea Leaf (To Joss)
    This Is Not The Way

    Program 4
    Pick Up The Pieces
    I Don't Understand

    SA release

    Cassette: ZCAM 68208 (A&M, UK, 1973). Same catalogue number as UK release would have been, but this was distributed by RPM (Pty) Limited, so it's a South African release. Inner cover is blank. Minimal paper labels.

    Running Order

    The running order is quite different from the LP, but follows the UK 8-track above (apart from omitting "This Is Not The Way To End A War"). "Solitude" is included rather than "Burn Baby Burn".

    Side 1
    Crying Blues
    Let Her Cry
    Hello I Thought You Were Dead
    Take It Back
    Dark Lord

    Side 2
    I Wanted You
    Tea Leaf (To Joss)
    Pick Up The Pieces
    I Don't Understand

    Outer cover

    Cassette labels


    UK release

    Nickelodeon is now available on CD as a legitimate release as part of Hudson Ford - The A&M Years boxed set, released May 2017, wth bonus tracks and excellent packaging..


    cover shot back cover

    Back of card sleeve and CD

    Spanish bootleg CD release

    CD bootleg: RDI 33053 (RDI, Spain, 2009).. Bootleg release, no bonus tracks. All four Hudson Ford releases came out as unauthorised bootleg CDs, produced in Spain by Retrodisk International. Packaging designed to match closely the original releases, insert is minimal, the outer modelled on front and back covers of original UK LP releases, with a standard biography in the centre. The CDs themselves are ugly and metallic.

    Please do not buy these bootleg releases - the A&M albums are now available as a legitimate release as part of Hudson Ford - The A&M Years boxed set, released May 2017, wth bonus tracks and superior packaging.

    Insert, inner and outer

    Tray outer and inner


    Big Pink (query bootleg) Korean CD release

    CD: Big Pink 399 (Big Pink, Korea, 2015)..

    Facsimile release from Korea. Outer sleeve matches UK release, comes with an Obi, which is got up to look transparent over the gid-based sleeve and side decorations. Inside, the very plainly designed CD has a paper inner sleeve like an old fashioned 33 rpm LP (nice touch: it quotes playing speed as 200-500 rpm). Also included is a 2-sided lyric sheet and a 1-sided set of Korean sleeve notes.

    It is not clear whether this release is authorised.

    Obi, CD and inner sleeve


    Big Pink (query bootleg) Japanese CD release (*)

    CD: VSCD ###/Big Pink 399 (Vivid/Big Pink, Japan, 2016?) (*).. All three A&M albums were released on CD by Big Pink in Japan with very similar packaging but different obis.

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