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Tracks cover shot

  1. Did Worlds Collide (Hudson/Ford)
  2. Mechanics (Hudson/Ford)
  3. When Love Has Overgrown (Hudson/Ford)
  4. As Hours Go By (Hudson/Ford)
  5. Bootleg (Hudson/Ford)

  6. Jesus Said (I Am The Door) (Hudson/Ford)
  7. Day Without Love (Hudson/Ford)
  8. Petro Rock (Hudson/Ford)
  9. Mile High City (Hudson/Ford)
  10. Keep Me Rolling (Hudson/Ford)

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  • UK
  • US promo
  • US release
  • Canadian promo ?
  • Canadian release
  • Cassette and 8-track
  • UK cassette ?
  • UK 8-track tape ?
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    UK release

    Vinyl album: AMLH 64535 (A&M, UK, 1975). Clever cover showing Hud and John in overgrown jungle, and the same image on the back reveals them to be robotic - perhaps the "Mechanics" referred to in track 2. There's an inner sleeve, lyrics on one side, blank on the other. Silver labels.

    Front and back of sleeve

    Inner sleeve


    US promo release

    Vinyl album: SP 4535 (A&M, US, 1974).White promo labels. The copy I have doesn't have a promo sticker, but the copy listed on Discogs does. Sleeve identical to UK, except for different colouring on the front cover (Hudson-Ford in white rather than red); on the back at bottom right of the yellow box, instead of the A&M logo and catalogue number, there is the US address. Unusually, no US catalogue number other than on the record sleeve spine.

    As with some Strawbs albums around this time (eg Ghosts, there appear to have been two promo versions, one with promo wording around the label rim, the other at the top. (There may even have been three as was the case with the two previous albums.)

    Front cover (with promo sticker)

    Variant 1

    Variant 2

    US release

    Vinyl album: SP 4535 (A&M, US, 1974). Single sleeve, same as promo above. Comes with black and white lyric inner sleeve, lyrics on one side, blank on the other. Silver labels.


    Canada promo

    Vinyl album: SP 4535 (A&M, Canada, 1975).Pretty much identical to US release (yellow and white front lettering) , with the Milner Avenue address details at bottom right of back cover. White labels, matching typography of silver label, but with old style red A&M logo. My copy came in a nice brown sleeve with a poly protective inner, french text on one side, english on the other. Lyrics insert included.


    Canada release

    Vinyl album: SP 4535 (A&M, Canada, 1975). Listed on Discogs. Cover very similar to UK, but "Hudson Ford" in white not red type. Silver labels, and, it would seem from Discogs, a nice gold A&M Canada protective innersleeve as well as a one-sided lyrics insert. The copy I received didn't have the standard A&M sleeve pictured on Discogs (which I have already), but instead a much earlier one featuring mainly Herb Alpert albums on the front and other 60s releases - all very bossa nova - on the back (which I didn't have).

    Front and back cover



    60s inner sleeve


    UK release ? (*)

    Cassette: (A&M, UK, 1975). Likely there was one - anyone have it?

    UK 8-track release ? (*)

    8-track: (A&M, UK, 1975). May have been one - anyone have it?

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