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After Rick's departure from Strawbs to join Yes, relations between the two were strained for a while, but Wakeman was soon back on the scene to play on Two Weeks Last Summer, and a few years later on Nomadness.

The two did not play together for a lengthy period after that until some duo shows organised in 1988, in Exeter and Dranouter, Belgium. The tapes from these shows languished in the vaults for some years, and were finally released in 2005 as Cousins and Wakeman Live 1988.

More recently their involvement with the Classic Rock Society led to a one-off show in Rotherham, and then Dave and Rick got together again in 2002 to make the album Hummingbird, which featured some excellent new songs from Dave, some interesting reworks of old numbers and some attractive instrumentals from Rick.

Rick and Dave will be playing as a duo for the first time in a long while - a key attraction for the forthcoming spectacular 40th Anniversary Strawbs weekend in September 2009.

See also Rick Wakeman/Adam Wakeman, Yes

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