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Velvet Opera photo: Hud, Johnny Joyce, John Ford, Paul Brett

Ford and Hudson were both members of the Velvet Opera, which made two albums, one under the influence of Elmer Gantry, and the second after his departure. The first was released on CBS' Direction label, and has also been re-released as a poor quality reissue.

The second, on the CBS label, without Gantry or Colin Forster, sees guitarists Paul Brett and Johnny Joyce join Hudson and Ford to produce a more approachable album (the sleeve notes say Elmer left them over "a disagreement on musical policy"). The photo above features that line-up.

The first album was re-released on CD with additional tracks (mainly singles) from the period. There is also a Best of Collection released by See For Miles, which includes a number of tracks, including at least two from the period after Hudson and Ford (and I think Brett and Joyce as well) had all left.

And finally, EGVO have been bootlegged - a Radio 1 Saturday Club show from 27 Jan 1968, a session which predated the first album by 6 months. Line-up was David Terry (aka Elmer Gantry), Colin Forster, Hud and John (whereas the photo which adorns it is actually of Hud, John, Johnny Joyce and Paul Brett, the line up which did Ride (the photo also appeared in a "pop" annual, which is probably where the bootleggers got it). The album is rounded out by the acetate version of Flames.

See also Hudson Ford, John Ford; The Monks, Jaymes Fenda and the Vulcanes, Hud - The Actor, High Society, Hud's First Band!, The GBs, The Good Old Boys

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Ride A Hustler's Dream cover Albums

Anna Dance Square 45 Flames 45 Singles

Singles were issued as follows:

The last of these was recorded after Hud and John joined the Strawbs.

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